Media on the Internet

The internet has had an enormous impact on the ways that people consume media. No longer do people have to leave the comfort of their homes to get all of the media they could ever want. If you want to see a new movie or catch up on a television show you do not even have to leave your bed or wait to get access to content. Consumers of digital media also do not really need to have access to any special technology to remix and edit content creators work to their liking. Product owners are creating content for fans who are responding by changing the work they have done, like the edits made to the Star Wars films from the Jenkins article. Is it to be seen a flattering for someone to like your work so much that they change it or is it to be seen as copyright infringement. Fan culture has changed recently since fans can now easily have their work seen by content creator sand can easily go viral and become more than just a remix or edit to content. The byproduct of someones work could end up becoming more popular than the original media.


Gathering Materials


I spent some time looking through the creative commons search engine and found some interesting content to help me for my groups video. This picture of an interview over video shows what i would like my video to look somewhat like. Having someone being interviewed over a video chat, although career services will not have a real person interviewing it will essentially be simulated to look like this photo in some way.

Image result for interview online

I found some really cool music that could be used in the video on a royalty free music website called The website has a collection of songs that can be used for free as long as the artist is mentioned with the music. One that i really liked was called Going Higher which featured electric guitars, drums, bass, strings and marimba.(Link). Hopefully I can find the right song to set the mood for the video and keep the viewers interested.


I found this live interview that someone decided to upload to YouTube to be very informative. The video shows this woman doing a live interview over video chat. Since my group is going to be making our video about the mock interview feature I thought this video would be helpful to inspire the script and movements made in the video.

There is a lot of quality content that can be found on the creative commons search. Im glad I was able to find the media that i did, i hope that when everything is thrown together that the video comes out looking great.


I do not have many concrete details planned out but have started to storyboard a bit for the project. My group hasn’t decided for sure which service we are going to create our video for. In class on Monday we explored the many different shot techniques we could apply to our video and different lighting styles too use. While brainstorming we had some ideas of a mock interview for a job with an incorporation of some of the career services features. I was thinking of adding some comic relief and lightheartedness to the video to keep viewers interested and enjoying themselves. I plan to reflect the scenario that is playing out in the storyboard by properly blocking all the characters drawn in the scene. Its also important that I have notes to accompany the scene that I am drawing onto the storyboard.I think storyboarding is a great way to help get a feel for how a scene will look and what materials would be needed to complete a scene. Ill need to make sure that the storyboard doesn’t contain materials I may not be able to acquire to shoot with and make sure all scenes are possible too shoot.

Top 5 Blogs

I have always wanted to create a blog or website to post content too. I had even made a blog a a few years ago when I was fifteen where I made a few posts before abandoning the project. I was excited to have an opportunity to make a blog where I could post video and articles. Making the midterm blogs was a fun experience, I really enjoyed making my video and customizing my blog for everyone to see. At the start of the creative process of the blog I brainstormed ideas for how to make an interesting video about technology. I had a really good idea to make a review video for a new technology when my roommate ordered his new phone. Since it was such a new product from a company that doesn’t usually make phones it was a good opportunity to get some buzz and make an informative video. I then decided on how I would continue to make posts for my blog and decided to continue with videos and articles weekly on news and updates in the technology world. In the end I think that I put together a pretty interesting blog that I can use in my personal life. I plan to continue posting on my technology blog every now and then. I went through all of the blogs that everyone in the class made and was very impressed . Everyone did a very good job on their midterm blogs, and seemed to really enjoy making theirs as I did mine. After reading through everyone else’s blogs it was really hard to decide which blogs to include in my top five. After some thought I think I have a pretty good list of the best. Based on the overall look of the blogs and the content that they provided within, in no particular order here are what I believe were the top five best blogs for the midterm project.

I watch a lot of TV and have seen many of the shows that were mentioned in this blog. It was very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. The video that she made for the blog was very informative and went along with what she wrote in the blog. She put a good amount of effort into the descriptions of the various shows that are coming out in November. Overall the blog was very well put together and informative I will definitely check out the show mars on national geographic channel it looks like its going to be a pretty amazing show.

I found this blog to be very good and informative, I am also a big late night television fan. I enjoy watching Conan and jimmy Kimmel. Jordan put together a good trailer for his blog showing off what he will be doing and listing off all the times for late night shows and who hosts them. It seems like it will be a really good place to go to find out what happened on every late night show. I don’t always have time to watch everyone or I may fall asleep so this blog will allow me to get highlights from the night before.

This was one of the nicest looking blogs out of the five, I think it looks very professional and inviting. There are many different pages on the blog that are all laid out with a pictures and bold titles. Their is a lot of great content on the blog that is very interesting and fun to read. I really liked the photos he used throughout the blog and how each post was written. I particularly liked the post about his game he released to steam green-light that got published. It was a very informative post with a timeline and a bunch of statistics about how his game did.

I found this blog to be the most informative one that I saw while looking through them. I used to grow some plants in my backyard so I already had some interest in the subject. Christy organized the blog very well with the different types of pages and posts. It has a nice green theme and has quality photos throughout. I learned a lot of information about making my own garden with this blog. Her video on cacti was nicely put together and taught me some things I did not know about how cacti grow. Overall this blog was very professionally done and will hopefully be updated as the year goes on.

This blog looks very professional and gives a good amount of information on how, where, and why, to travel. I like the resources page that shows the various ways in which I can travel. I have always wanted to travel and this blog started giving me some ideas on where and how to do that. I really liked the video that she made for the blog, it showed many different travel destinations with personally shot footage of the locations. The music in the video was very fitting and timed up nicely to events in the video. This blog was very well done and looks like a good amount of effort went into creating it.

Video Editing with Terrible Software

Creating this video assignment was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. In the past i have used Sony Vegas pro for all of my video editing and no longer have access to the program so I had to resort to using the painfully simple Movie Maker. The program trys to be so easy to use that it actually becomes challenging to complete simple tasks that almost all video editors can complete with zero issues. Movie maker is very basic and has few features, the biggest challenge I ran into was attempting to get all of my narration playing with my video as i cut the lengths of the clips. I chose to add my narration after recording my video, I thought it would be more difficult but it ended up working out pretty well. The screen cast program was thankfully very easy to use and I had no trouble with it at all. Overall I was able to figure out how to get movie maker to work with me with the help of google and edit together an informative video with the terrible tools I had.

I think that games can convey a lot of meaning, I have played a good amount of civilization V and can see very clearly what Bogost means when he says Playing such games can have a political impact because they allow players to embody political positions and engage in political actions many will never have previously experienced” (Bogust 2006). Civilization allows players to feel what it is like to be the leader of a civilization from a tribe to a first world country and beyond. The players get to experience something they could never possibly have had any insight about. These experiences have real meaning to the users and allows them to see the world through different eyes and have new thoughts.

Audio Editing

I enjoy editing audio on my computer, I have a little bit of experience doing audio editing in audacity. I have most frequently used audacity for school projects. I can see how audacity is able to be used by hobbyists and professionals too. It is a very powerful tool that is relatively easy to learn how to use. In the past I used audacity to record my own voice over for a video I had shot earlier in the day. I was then able to alter my voice and add different effects to make it sound more professional. I would not have been able to make as appealing a video as i had without audio editing software. I would have had to speak into a microphone while recording the video which would have been sloppy and unprofessional.

In my future profession I do not see a whole lot of use for audio editing technologies but it is definitely useful skill to have in case a problem presents itself. It is also something fun to do as a hobby in my free time, letting me make sounds and manipulate others to create new and exciting audio.


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Image Editing

I have had some experience with image editing in my life and have done some at work but Im not exactly an expert editor. I really enjoy editing though i find it very cool to be able to manipulate images in various ways. I mostly have experience editing images in Microsoft paint and the free program Gimp. I really like using Gimp because it allows me to get access to features that are usually only in expensive software for free so that I can properly edit images without spending any money on software or editors.  Microsoft paint isnt .exactly feature rich but it can get simple jobs done quickly and easily. I think that image editing is a skill that is important for anybody to have, in the digital age we live in its important to have basdownloadic editing skills. download-1